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Internet for the private sector

For owners of private houses and cottages, we offer connection to our fiber-optic network using modern PON technology (passive optical networks).

For such a connection, you will need additional equipment - ONU (Optical Network Unit) or simply "onushka" - this is a subscriber terminal that turns an optical signal into a regular Ethernet. Later, wi-fi routers, computers, media set-top boxes are connected directly to the ONU.

* The price is indicated according to the current Promotion "10= 12"

** Promotional offer "Connection for 1 UAH." is valid for subscribers from. Moshchun, p. Gorenki, s. Blistavitsya, Gostomel


To connect PON technology, we offer the following optical media converters to our subscribers:

ONU BDcom (PON 1 port 1G) 500 UAH
ONU STELS (PON 1 port 1G) 500 UAH
ONU (PON 4 ports 1G PU-E440) 1100 UAH
ONU (GE 1 port 1G D-Link + SFP WDM) 750 UAH


Works included in the connection price:

  • Laying an optical cable to the house, fixing it on the facade of the house with tension clamps;
  • Hook dowel/anchor for fastening clamp on the facade of the house;
  • Fastening for cable (screeds, dowel under screed, clips);
  • Provision of "twisted pair" cable (up to 20 meters, if necessary, without laying inside the house);
  • Installation work;
  • Work & nbsp; on setting up equipment (up to 2 subscriber devices)

Works that are not included in the connection price:

  • Equipment (ONU) required to connect to a fiber optic network. Additional charge depending on model.
  • Equipment for organizing Wi-Fi coverage inside the house, routers, voice gateways (IP-phones), set-top boxes for TVs. Subscriber purchases independently.
  • TV setup. Paid separately.
  • Setting up various specific devices (satellite tuners, DVRs), etc.


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