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IP-telephony is a comfortable and useful tool for business. The use of modern technologies allows not only to reduce communication costs, but also to improve the quality of customer service.  

To provide your office telephone services, we offer solutions: 

  • Digital telephone lines using IP-protocol (SIP-telephony)
  • Virtual PBX

Digital telephone lines

To connect one or more IP-lines, you must have access to the Internet at a speed of at least 128 Kbps per one IP-line and the appropriate equipment: an IP-phone, an IP-gateway, or a software with a VoIP gateway.

For calls using the SIP-protocol, you can use:
  • regular fixed telephone set + media gateway, VoIP-adapter;
  • computer or laptop with software installed on it (soft-phone);
  • IP-phone with VoIP protocol;
  • PBX with IP-card;
  • smartphone (communicator) with installed software (connection via Wi-Fi).

Term for connecting communication services: within one working day after receiving payment for connection and having a signed original contract. Payment for services telephone communication consists of one-time and monthly payments.

Virtual PBX

The "Virtual PBX" service allows you to get full control of a virtual IP-PBX via a WEB-interface, at no extra cost allows you to combine geographically distributed offices and divisions, provides communication with employees who work at home.

Benefits of "Virtual PBX" service
  • Savings and additional features. You do not need to spend money on the purchase and maintenance of expensive PBX equipment. Even if your company already has a PBX, you will get the additional functionality of a modern PBX by connecting the "Virtual PBX" to your corporate network via PRI or SIP protocol.
  • Versatility. The service allows you to connect both analog phones and IP-phones, as well as additional subscriber terminals.
  • Save a single number. Phone numbers are not tied to a specific office address. The client can move to another office while keeping his phone number. Accordingly, there is no need to notify anyone about a new number, change advertising, pay additional redirection and connection of new numbers.
  • High quality connections and voice transmission.
  • Scalability. If the number of calls increases or there is a need to increase the number of external or internal numbers, then you can quickly add additional lines and telephone numbers (for an additional fee). The current price list can be requested from the manager.

The choice of a way to organize IP-telephony depends on the number of jobs, requirements for functionality. You can not delve into all the technical details of this service, just call back by phone. (044) 498-11-70 and we will help you find the best solution for your business needs.

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