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Акція 10=12

When making an advance payment for 10 months of using services (according to the selected tariff plan), you will receive a bonus - 2 months of free Internet use.

Promotion conditions:

1. Payment for 10 months must be made in one payment.

2. The bonus is calculated from the 1st of the following month.

3. These bonuses can be spent exclusively on Internet access services, cannot be returned to the subscriber in cash or transferred to another subscriber's personal account.

4. When changing the tariff plan or changing the company's tariffs - the bonus amount does not change. Funds are debited from the account according to the tariff in effect at the time of tariff calculation.

5. Upon termination of the contract, the bonus funds are cancelled, regardless of how old they were accrued.


The validity period of the promotion has been extended until 12/31/2023

The promotion is valid for fares only UNLIM-250PS, UNLIM-300PS, UNLIM-450PS.

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